Storage Options for All Your Needs

storage_2Whatever your storage needs, CSS has the space and expertise to meet them. As soon as you arrive, our friendly, professional environment will put your mind at ease. Each of our storage units has an individual alarm.

We offer Climate-Controlled and Standard units on a month-to-month basis, ranging in size from locker size, to 5’x5′ to 10’x40′. Our Climate-Controlled units are vastly superior to the “climate control” units offered by most competitors. We operate with a much tighter temperature range than most competitors. We also have dehumidifiers in each building that keep the moisture level in the air at the proper level to safeguard your belongings. The dehumidifiers are set at approximately 55 percent relative humidity to protect your valuables from wide swings in temperature and humidity. We recommend climate-controlled units for any items you want to store and then bring back indoors again, such as electronics, important papers, books, wood or fabric furniture, and long-term storage of items (two months or more). Houston has a harsh and humid environment. Books, furniture and clothing stored in a standard unit for even a few weeks may not be fit to move back into a living space again.

Our standard units are very convenient to access and range in sizes from 5’x5′ up to 10’x30′. With no climate control, a standard space is equivalent to storing in an outdoor garage with a rollup style door. Standard storage is appropriate only for items that are impervious to mold, mildew and humidity or that you do not plan to bring back into a climate controlled environment.

All our floors are sealed. Our hallways are mopped or swept weekly to keep dust to a minimum. In addition, we provide quarterly pest control. These measures are taken to ensure that your belongings are protected to the best of our ability from atmospheric degradation.

We are environmentally conscious. Our buildings are primarily constructed of steel and our steel is 78% recycled. Our Washington Ave. location was constructed with advanced, tri-polymer foam insulation that dramatically cuts down on our power usage and gives us a smaller carbon footprint than our competitors. We spent about four times the money on insulation as our competitors, but we think this is the right approach – A decision that will make our grandchildren proud.

Our resident managers, individually-alarmed units, and 24-hour camera surveillance also help to monitor all units. Our friendly staff is very knowledgeable and ready to help with any questions or concerns you might have.

Need business related storage? No problem, our offices will accept packages from delivery companies, or allow packages to be delivered directly to your unit with your consent.

Our Washington Ave and S. Rice Ave. locations have extra-large elevators for easy access to the upper floors.

Note: Unit sizes are nominal. The actual dimensions of Individual units will vary.